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Annual Reports

Dream With Us: 2016 Annual Report


Power of WE: 2015 Annual Report

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2014 Annual Report
Discover the optimistic vision that Rabbi Deborah Waxman brings to the office of president, and follow her personal journey from eager bat mitzvah to glass-shattering Jewish leader. Take an anthropological look at our movement plenum, and see how Talmud inspired the layout of Rabbi David Teutsch’s Guide to Jewish Practice Volume 2. Find out how RRC students create holiness in unexpected places. This first online-only annual report is chock full of live links and sharable contents.

You can also download a printable PDF, which can be read by screen readers for the visually impaired.

2013 Annual Report
Go behind the scenes with three student rabbis on the job at congregations. Sure, they lead prayer and teach—and they learn that being a rabbi means thinking on your feet. Plus, get a sneak peek of our new curriculum, learn a rockin’ song for Shabbat, find out how a community builder continues to inspire, and discover what’s new at Camp JRF. This interactive report has links to videos and related websites not included in the print version.

2012 Annual Report
RRC empowers and inspires, as you’ll discover in this interactive 2012 report, with live links to video and related websites. Step into the story as we adapt and advance a case-study method from Harvard for innovative rabbinical training. Check out how RRC grads and students help kids at Camp JRF build Jewish identity 24/7. And don’t miss an interview with Rabbi David Teutsch, Ph.D., about his National Jewish Book Award winning Guide to Jewish Practice: Everyday Living.

2011 Annual Report
Forward momentum comprises the theme of the 2011 annual report articles: From a new program in social justice organizing and its founder, to the process of reimagining rabbinical training from the ground up and a Web initiative that starts with a game but leads to serious engagement. The year was capped off by changes in the Reconstructionist movement itself. This online version includes a clickable table of contents and links to audio, blogs and related Web sites.
2010 Annual Report (2 MB)
Why are RRC students uniquely successful Hillel leaders on campuses across the country? How was professor Joel Hecker, Ph.D., selected to help create the definitive English translation of kabbalah's most important text? And what makes RRC grads Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, '86, and Rabbi Ezra Weinberg, '09, distinctive spiritual innovators? This interactive PDF of the 2010 annual report offers lively stories, videos and more. 

2010 Annual Report PRINT-ONLY VERSION (1 MB)
Download this version of the PDF if you would like to save the document to your computer to print a hard copy. This will not include interactive features.

2009 Annual Report (1.49 MB)
RRC transforms rabbinical students into spiritual leaders, using a unique curricular approach; a visiting Chinese scholar, Lihong Song, spends a year at RRC; an ambitious continuing education and enrichment program called Tzey U'lemad helps energize and inspire alumni.   

2008 Annual Report (1 MB)
Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D., keeps RRC at the cutting edge of interfaith education, especially Jewish-Muslim dialogue; an unusual community in Ghana receives training in Judaism from RRC student Michael Ramberg; the College reaches out to spiritual searchers in Northern California.

2007 Annual Report (1.15 MB)
Innovations in spirituality (with Rabbi Jacob Staub, Ph.D.), in creativity (with an array of RRC students), in healing and chaplaincy, and in teaching (with Academic Dean Tamar Kamionkowski, Ph.D.).

2006 Annual Report (4.99 MB)
Rabbi Jordi Gendra, '06, a converso who re-embraced Judaism, becomes one of the world’s few Spanish rabbis; Talmud scholar Rabbi Sarra Lev, ’96, nurtures love of scripture; the ancient tradition of hevrutah, paired text study, continues today; Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman visits Israel; and more.

2005 Annual Report (2.7 MB)
Academic leadership under Tamar Kamionkowski, Ph.D.; a variety of surprising paths to the rabbinate featuring three RRC students; tikkun olam work in El Salvador with a rabbinic delegation from AJWS; and RRC's program in Israel.