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CPE and John Bliss Scholarships

Clinical Pastoral Education, or CPE, is a nationally certified program that trains individuals to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of people in crisis. CPE is related to chaplaincy, however the training includes intensive self-reflection as well as spiritual and theological elements. RRC offers supervision credits for students who complete one unit (400 hours) of CPE training.

Oversight for CPE training is provided by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), a multicultural, multifaith organization.

How Is CPE Offered?

Students generally choose from three options:

  • full-time summer programs (the option RRC students choose most frequently)
  • extended-unit programs, which allow students to schedule their patient-care time around other obligations  
  • residency programs, usually full time for 12 months (These advanced, three-unit programs have a one-unit CPE prerequisite; residency programs generally offer trainees a stipend for providing patient care.)

Every CPE center has an elaborate admissions process and virtually all require the standard application prepared by the ACPE. 

The John Bliss CPE Scholarships

RRC offers students the opportunity to apply for one of six stipends that can be used to acquire one CPE unit, through a full-time summer program or extended unit program.  Each stipend offers $3,500, which includes $500 to cover the cost of training and $3,000 for living expenses. 

Students who would like more information about CPE should contact Fredi Cooper. Students who would like to apply for a John Bliss Scholarship should contact Tamar Kamionkowski, chair, Department of Biblical Studies.