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About Our Curriculum

As they mine our ancestors’ understanding of Torah, students enter into a dialogue with those in previous generations who explored perennial human issues. In this way, RRC educates leaders who can articulate the voice of tradition as it speaks to today’s Jews. 

RRC’s curriculum is built on the sequential study of five principal periods of Jewish civilization: biblical, Rabbinic, medieval, modern and contemporary. In the past, each year of our five-year rabbinical program immersed students in one of these historical contexts. Starting in 2013, we are introducing changes that give students more flexibility. We have reconfigured our requirements so that each semester during the first two years encapsulates intensive study of one historical period. The remaining three years are now less structured, allowing students to begin shaping their individual rabbinates by delving more deeply into the texts that interest them most and that will best prepare them for their career paths.

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