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2014–16 Goals and Objectives

Charter a process to generate a clear identity for Reconstructionist Judaism in the 21st century.

Offer outreach and opportunities for engagement to unaffiliated individuals and communities that share the broad vision of Reconstructionist Judaism.

Raise the profile of Reconstructionist Judaism in the public square.

Provide resources and consulting to support in-reach, engagement and growth within communities and other affiliates of the Reconstructionist movement.

Support the educational aspirations of the Reconstructionist movement beyond RRC’s degree-granting programs.

Create and implement a strategy drawing on existing and emerging technology to foster communal and individual enrichment and facilitate relationships.

Maintain the integrity of and strengthen degree-granting programs of RRC and bolster other core educational functions.

Ensure the long-term financial health of the organization.

Identify the right governance and management structure of the newly constituted organization and implement it in a manner reflecting the highest standards of best practices and ensuring accountability to key stakeholder constituencies (students, affiliated congregations, board members, Reconstructionist rabbis, donors, faculty, staff, Camp JRF families).

Find the full text of the goals and accompanying objectives here.