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Leave of Absence

  1. Leave of Absence
  2. Equivalency Study

1. Leave of Absence
A student may request a leave of absence for personal reasons.

A written request for a leave of absence must be submitted to the Faculty Executive Committee by May 15 of the academic year preceding the expected leave. An appearance before the FEC may follow.

All incomplete work must be completed satisfactorily by August 15 of the year preceding the leave of absence.

A leave of absence is granted for one year. A student on leave may petition the FEC (according to the guidelines set forth above) for up to two additional years’ extension on the leave.  A student not returning to RRC after the third year of leave must apply for re-admission.

Students wishing to enroll in RRC courses for credit during a leave of absence must apply to the Faculty Executive Committee for permission. Tuition for these courses will be at a per-credit rate.

2. Equivalency Study
To qualify for approved equivalency study at another institution, a student must plan to be involved in an approved full-time program of study leading to graduation from RRC. In considering the request, the Faculty Executive Committee will review the program of study and consider the eligibility of the student for such a program.

Students who wish to undertake equivalency study must apply to the Faculty Executive Committee in writing for permission to do so before March 15 of the preceding academic year.

All pending course work must be completed satisfactorily by August 15 of the academic year preceding the equivalency study.

Approved equivalency study is granted for one year only. A student not returning to RRC immediately after one year of equivalency study must re-apply for admission.

Students engaged in approved equivalency study are required to pay a matriculation maintenance fee.

Satisfactory completion of an approved equivalency year may lead to a combined program of two cores in a subsequent year, but permission for such a double program will require separate approval of the Faculty Executive Committee.

To receive credit, an official transcript from the institution where the student has enrolled must be received by December 31 of the year in which the course is completed.

Upon the student’s return, internal credit will be granted for courses satisfactorily completed outside the RRC. The Faculty Executive Committee, which considers such petitions for credit, may require submission of papers written, copies of examinations and grades given for those courses. In addition, the student may be examined in the subject of the course or courses taken. In such cases, the granting of credit will be based upon the recommendation of an appropriate faculty member following examination.