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Trauma, Healing and Resilience Project


Trauma, Healing and Resilience Project

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Trauma, Healing and Resilience Project

As a Jewish educational institution dedicated to building thriving Jewish communities, we know that Jewish leadership that looks toward the future must reckon with the past. As individuals and as communities, where we came from shapes who we are. Fully reckoning with our history involves acknowledging, processing and healing from trauma. To that end, the Trauma, Healing and Resilience Project develops and pilots trauma-informed training for Jewish leaders.

Why we are doing this:

We believe the effects of individual, collective, and historical traumas show up in our bodies, minds, and spirits, impact how we treat ourselves and each other, and shape our beliefs. We know that Jewish traditions, rituals, stories, practices, and communities can be tools for healing, wellness, resilience, and transforming racism, misogyny and structural oppression.

Our approach:

We support creative, transformative Jewish life. We believe that working towards healing must have healing in it. We bring multi-disciplinary tools to build healthy and healing Jewish communities:

  • on campuses, in homes, neighborhoods, and synagogues 
  • through organizing for a more just and sustainable world, and
  • at times of personal and communal crisis.

Our priorities:

  • Deepening Jewish community knowledge of how traumatic events and systemic oppression have shaped Jewish life
  • Developing and sharing strategies for healing from trauma, building individual and communal resilience, and interrupting cycles of violence


  • Piloting trauma-informed training for Jewish leaders:
    • Day long training for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
    • Two-day training for Reconstructionist Rabbinical College students
    • Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association professional development – three-part, online series
    • Five-week course for Reconstructing Judaism Learning Network: Embodied Ritual for Trauma, Resilience and Healing
  • Convening practitioners and thought leaders from diverse fields to grow strategies for individual and communal resilience, flexibility, and well-being
  • Landscape analysis – exploring trauma, healing, and resilience work and thought, and better understand the opportunities of this moment

Have ideas, questions, thoughts, feelings? Contact Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, Project Director, Trauma Informed Rabbinic Training Program: