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Credits from Partner Institutions


Credits from Partner Institutions

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Students have the opportunity to earn credit at partner institutions to fulfill their degree requirements or to pursue a dual degree. Students may also transfer credits from other institutions and apply them to their degree requirements. For details and guidance, please contact Rabbi Melissa Heller at 215.576.0800 ext. 123 or


Partner Institutions

Temple University Department of Religion

Full-time matriculated students at the College are entitled to enroll free of charge in graduate-level courses in the Department of Religion at Temple University during the academic year if they receive the approval of the course instructor and the approval of the department’s director of graduate studies.

United Lutheran Seminary

Full-time matriculated RRC students are entitled to enroll free of charge during the academic year in courses at the United Lutheran Seminary.


Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions

Students are encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities outside of the College that are appropriate to their interests and complement their coursework. Students pursuing learning experiences outside the College must fulfill at least 72 credits through study at the College.

Students may petition to be granted equivalency credit for graduate courses taken at other institutions if the courses correspond to the College’s course requirements. If, during the program, students wish to earn credit through an experience outside of the College that is not a standard academic course, they must obtain approval from the Faculty Executive Committee. For details and guidance, please contact Rabbi Melissa Heller at 215.576.0800 ext. 123 or