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Guide to Jewish Practice: Educator's Manual

This manual, written by RRC student Nathan Weiner, will help you use all three volumes of A Guide to Jewish Practice to boost your adult and teen education programming in meaningful ways. It offers flexible formats that are simple to navigate and the pedagogical approach is rooted in values-based decision making.

Potential uses include:

  • Planning one lesson on a single topic for adult education
  • Designing a course of study on a particular topic
  • Creating an entire process for developing communal standards of practice
  • Creating a post B'nai Mitzvah educational program

Each 45-minute lesson plan in this manual contains the following five steps:

  1. Essential Question: A primary question that reflects the main idea of the lesson
  2. Objectives: The primary outcomes that participants will achieve by the end of the lesson
  3. Set Induction: Ways to energize your participants for the lesson and the activities to come
  4. Exploring the Text: A step-by-step guide for presenting the lesson with a variety of activities, including numerous experiential learning activities
  5. Wrap-Up: A brief activity to review and tie the main themes of the lesson together

Note: Currently, the introduction and the educator's manual for the "Ethics of Speech" from Volume 1 are available as PDFs below. New units will be added as they are completed. Check back for updates.

Educator's Manual: Introduction

Ethics of Speech (Guide Volume 1)

Story Telling Presentation Tools and Shabbat Story Anthology (Guide volume 2)

Mourning (Guide volume 3)

Minor Holidays (Guide volume 2)

Values-Based Decision Making (Guide volume 1)