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Drawing on the powerful texts and magnificent Jewish history we have inherited, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College trains rabbis in shaping a Judaism relevant to the unfolding challenges and blessings of the current moment.

The College is the sole seminary of the Reconstructionist movement. Founded in 1968 to serve the Jewish people, RRC is dedicated to studying and teaching Judaism as an evolving religious civilization, and to advancing the universal freedom, justice and peace that are Judaism’s core values.

Becoming a rabbi encompasses more than studying sacred texts, learning about ancient history and developing pastoral counseling skills. It’s a process that touches every aspect of your being. The College provides you an eclectic and dynamic curriculum that will engage you on a variety of levels both in and out of the classroom.

We created this website for you. We invite you to read and explore the site, and then contact us to learn more. What we need to hear from you is an answer to the most important question:

What kind of rabbi do you want to be? 


What Kind Of Rabbi Do You Want To Be? Video 8/2018