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Jewish Women's Studies Certificate

Kolot and Temple University's Women's Studies Program developed a certification program in Jewish Women's Studies with two objectives in mind:

  • to enhance the credentials of rabbinical students and graduate students
  • to offer a coherent program of university and rabbinical-school courses to non-matriculated students interested in this field.

In 2002, Temple University, RRC, and Kolot awarded the first joint Graduate Certificate in Jewish Women's Studies to Christina Ager, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education at Arcadia University.

"I undertook the Graduate Certificate as an opportunity to address my thirst for Jewish learning in a feminist context," says Christina, who also is the director of an organization serving emotionally and behaviorally challenged school children.

Students are required to:

  • take one course in feminist theory at Temple University
  • take two courses in any area of Jewish Women's Studies
  • participate in a capstone seminar together with other students in the program and the faculty directors
  • produce an original piece of research or creative work

For more information, contact Laura Levitt, Ph.D.

To complete the application, download both of the following:

Application (front page)

Application (back page)