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Watch Guest Lecture by Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D.
On February 23, 2011, Lefkovitz spoke to the RRC community on the subject: "The Genesis of Gender Transgression."  Watch this 52 minute video now.

New Book by Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D.
In Scripture: The First Stories of Jewish Sexual Identities, published December 2009 by Rowman and Littlefield. Available from Amazon.com.

Kolot Founding Director Receives Award
One of five honored "for finding and singing praises to God as they best understand how – and each in their own way"
2007 Religion-Outside-the-Box (ROTB) Award

Kolot.org Cited Among "Top-10 Jewish Sites for Women"
About.com Judaism Guide Lisa Katz writes, "These sites for Jewish women focus on the interests and concerns of Jewish women today. Do Judaism and feminism conflict? How do Jewish women feel about their role in Jewish prayer and ritual? ..." 


RRC student Roni Handler and Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D., write about "How Women and Girls Revitalized Jewish Ritual" in the Winter 2010 “New Jewish Ritual” edition of CONTACT, published by the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life.

Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D. writes about "Reciprocal Inscription: The Jewish Body in Story and History," in the April 2009 issue of Sh'ma.

Lilith Spring 2008 issue features Kolot's Ta'anit Esther, a new national program

Rachel Tzvia Back, the 2007-2008 Kolot Wenkart Writer-in-Residence, featured in the Jewish Exponent, October 18, 2007

Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D. discusses Orthodox "chick lit" with the Jerusalem Report, July 23, 2007

Article by Kolot founding director, Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D., on the theme of "Leadership and Charisma" in the December 2006 edition of Sh'ma: Journal of Jewish Responsibility.

Kolot Provides Training and DV Resources to Rabbinical Students, Vol. 1 Issue 7, Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community, Jewish Women International

Defrosting Judaism: A look at the Ritualwell Web site, September 1, 2006, The Reporter, Binghamton, NY

Mikveh conference draws national crowd to Newton, June 9, 2006, The Jewish Advocate

Kolot Expands and Redesigns Web Site on Rituals, RRC Annual Report, 2006

Kolot's founding director, Lori Lefkovitz, featured in Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution, an online exhibit of the Jewish Women's Archive

Sisterhood, Jewish and Otherwise, is Indeed Powerful
November 3, 2005, Jewish Exponent