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5769 * 2009 Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, U.S. Congress
A Force for Justice and an Advocate for
Equal Rights and Protection

Rep. Jan Schakowsky is a devoted champion of social justice, tireless advocate for the rights of abused women and children, consumer protections, expanded housing opportunities for low-income families, and improved healthcare coverage for all

Having been elected to represent Illinois' 9th Congressional District on November 3, 1998, Schakowsky is in her sixth term. Along with being Chief Deputy Whip and serving on various committees, she defines member her top priority in Congress as providing universal healthcare coverage.

Schakowsky is a leading advocate for women's issues in Congress, sponsoring legislation that would prevent violence against immigrant women, establish transitional housing for women and children who are victims of abuse, and commemorate International Women's Day. During the 110th Congress, Schakowsky serves as Democratic Vice Chair of the bipartisan Women's Caucus.

As a citizen advocate, grassroots organizer, and elected public official, she has fought throughout her career for economic and social justice and improved quality of life; for an end to violence against women; and for a national investment in healthcare, public education, and housing.