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Ta'anit Esther at RRC 2001-10

Awareness Program on Afghan Women

Domestic Violence awareness – Israeli Performance Artist, Naomi Ackerman

Taanit Esther Davenning; College Time - Body Image

10 of the Vagina Monologues were chosen and given to 10 students and faculty, all women, to read at a lunchtime program, framed in the context of Esther’s silence as emotional abuse. Tzedakah collected for V-Day, an organization dedicated to ending violence against women.

Kolot CPC joins in solidarity with the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance in focusing attention on the agunah crisis

Addressing domestic violence: program with Rabbi Linda Holtzman. Information packet distributed to first-year students and tzedakah collected

Two “modern-day Esthers” – Fatima Haroun, a Sudanese refugee, and Lou Ann Merkle, an American artist, speaking out for the Philadelphia-based Darfur Alert Coalition established by Merkle; tzedakah collected.

Ta’anit Esther: The Jewish Day for Justice, honoring Dr. Mardge Cohen, a modern-day Esther, for her pioneering work in women’s health care internationally; hearing firsthand about Cohen’s experiences, examining how one can make a difference; collection of lightly used children’s books and developmental toys for Rwanda’s children. Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, Evanston, IL, in partnership with Kolot and with support from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. March 19, 2008

Ta’anit Esther program in lieu of lunch, RRC Beit Midrash. learn and discuss texts relating to the global responsibility of individuals; writing to Representatives in Congress about PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; tzedakah collection for
WE-ACTx, in support of Dr. Mardge Cohen’s work. March 20, 2008

Ta'anit Esther: The Jewish Day for Justice: Program honoring Rep. Jan Schakowsky as a modern-day Esther, with teaching by Kolot Director Lori Lefkovitz on “Queen Esther and the Jewish Tradition of Social Justice.” Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (JRC), Evanston, IL. March 8, 2009

Ta'anit Esther program focusing on the issue of sexual trafficking; brown-bag lunch and collection of tzedakah for an appropriate charity. March 9, 2009

Ta'anit Esther/Fast of Esther observance, including text study. Nancy Lublin, founder of Dress for Success, is honored as Kolot's Queen Esther 2010/5770 for her initiatives in helping disadvantaged women acquire professional wardrobes and find employment. Tzedakah and gently worn attire appropriate for job interviews and work wardrobe  collected.