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Consumer Disclosure

Consumer Disclosure

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of Aug. 14, 2008 requires certain disclosures. The following information is available here pursuant to and as prescribed by this law.

Graduation Data for June 2017

Number of black female graduates: 1
Number of white female graduates: 10
Number of white male graduates: 2
Number of white unknown graduates: 1
Total number of graduates: 14


Student Outcomes

Number of 2017 graduates placed in jobs by the end of June 2017: 14


Student Body Diversity, 2016-2017 (as of November 2017)

Percentage of females 78.6%
Percentage of males 14.3%
Percentage of unknown 7.1%
Identified as member of major racial or ethnic group 1 student



The College currently has no policy regarding vaccinations. When regulations are published, we will update this information.


April 27, 2018