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Meet Our Rabbinical Graduates 2012

Watch the graduates' response to becoming rabbis.

Each of our graduating students has a unique vision for the rabbinate.  Meet the new rabbis of June 2012, and read about the gifts and values they will bring to their work.

Arlene Berger brings a commitment to pluralism and egalitarianism, to helping each person find an individual way of celebrating Judaism.. MORE

  Samantha Safran Bodner
brings the vision of a healthier and more mindful Jewish community, one that is physically, spiritually and intellectually well-nourished.  MORE
Joshua Bolton brings faith in the redemptive powers of optimism and hope. MORE   Lauren Simone Brody-Hyett
brings deep connection and the joy of sharing Jewish traditions, paired with a passion for creativity and innovation.  MORE


Michelle Greenfield brings a devotion to creating spaces in Jewish communities where everybody is welcome, regardless of ability or special needs.   MORE   Amy Loewenthal brings compassion, curiosity, prayer, poetry and bicycling—expanding what it means to live a Jewish life.  MORE
Michael Vernon Ramberg
brings an interfaith background and a commitment to applying Jewish teachings and practices to bring blessings to all people. MORE
  Derek Rosenbaum brings a commitment to dynamic Jewish education, a compassionate ear and the occasional reference to pop culture.   MORE
Jessica Ann Shimberg brings a love of people and of learning—and a desire to challenge, to grow and to help others find pathways to self-discovery within the Jewish story.   MORE   Erica Lynn Steelman brings a love for Judaism and life, a desire to bring people together, and an openness to the mystery of it all.  MORE


Meet Our Master of Arts in Jewish Studies Graduate

Linda Joy Goldner brings a drive to nurture spirit and a sense of meaning in the lives of those who are suffering.   MORE