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Credit Hour Policy

RRC uses a credit unit system that is different from the federal credit hour system.  One RRC credit unit represents three hours of student work, normally including a minimum of one hour of instructional time, per week over a 13 week semester or the equivalent amount of work over a different period of time.

RRC semester-long courses that meet 110 minutes per week and require 4 hours of out of class preparation are allocated 2 credit units.

RRC semester-long courses (shiurim and practica) that meet 170 minute per week and require 0-1 hrs of out of class preparation are allocated 1 credit unit.

For educational experiences in other formats (intensive courses, supervised internships, spiritual direction), RRC applies the above formula, rounded down to the nearest 1/3 credit to allocate credit. For example, a 2-day workshop that meets for a total of twelve hours is allocated 1/3 credit unit.

For the purposes of RRC financial aid and other internal matters, RRC considers 9 credits over the course of a semester and intensive term to be full time.

The RRC catalogue and transcripts use RRC’s credit unit system.